IMG_2695 cropped square b&wYasmine Saad is a young animal artist working mainly in graphite, watercolour and acrylics. She favours delicate lines and a limited colour palette, which characterize her work. Her artistry is driven by her deep love for as well as commitment to learning about horses and the history of art.

Born in Rome, Italy, most of Yasmine’s early memories are of painting and pony rides; she sat on a horse’s back before she knew how to walk. Travel was a regular part of her childhood and adolescence, experiencing different cultures and meeting equines ranging from workhorses in Egypt to racehorses in Poland.

She is currently based in Novara, in north-west Italy, and has a lop-eared rabbit named Yo-Yo along with two guinea pig brothers, Martin and Luther. Her other interests include photography, music, films, and behavioural sciences.


The materiality and mechanics of the animal and human form, the symbolism of the horse, and the horse-human relationship are a constant source of inspiration to me. We domesticated horses for our own uses, yet what we admire about them most is their free spirit. Horses themselves are creatures of paradox; they are strength and softness, fire and silk, tying in with my fascination with the concept of complementary opposites. I emphasize anatomical realism and minimalistic compositions as much as I celebrate colour and expression.

Curiosity led me into the worlds of equine anatomy, biomechanics, and ethology, revealing both the wonderful complexity of these animals and how misunderstood they tend to be. I not only admire the raw beauty of horses, but set out to further explore and understand their inner lives, their humbler side, and the gulf that still exists between us and them. This, I hope, is manifest in my work.