Sketches & Studies

A selection of studies and sketches done throughout the years. These range from gesture drawings to more detailed studies of colour, lighting, or form.

Young bay (lighting study). Acrylics on canvas panel, reference photo by Janina Suuronen. Available
Badger face (study). Mixed media (watercolour + tinted charcoal) on hot-pressed watercolour paper; reference photo by Caballine AKA CaballineCreations on DeviantArt. Artist’s Collection
Friesian study. Graphite on cartridge paper, reference photo by Emma Mclean. Artist’s Collection
Yo-Yo study 6. Red chalk pencil on cartridge paper. Artist’s Collection
Sketch of two Friesians. Mechanical pencil on cartridge paper, reference photo by Jossie AKA da-toss-stock on DeviantArt. Artist’s Collection
Yo-Yo study 4. Watercolour on hot-pressed watercolour paper, reference photo by Marta Saad. Artist’s Collection
Yo-Yo study 2. Watercolour on hot-pressed watercolour paper. Artist’s Collection
Yo-Yo sketches from life + gesture drawings. Pencil on paper (early sketchbook, recto). Artist’s Collection